Beijing Yogurt, or Suannai, takes the local treat from Beijing, China and introduces this drinkable yogurt to the USA. Beijing Yogurt, a brand with a full range of flavors—8 as of 2019, is produced by Prime Plus Food with local production facilities in Pomona, California, the USA. Since Beijing yogurt is fermented in a cup, it achieves a delicate middle-ground in which the texture is thicker than most fruity yogurt but less than Greek yogurt and can be consumed through a straw.

Available in many Chinese restaurants and supermarkets in California, Beijing Yogurt is proud to be your #hometownfavorites and we can’t wait for you to pick one up to enjoy!


1. 为消费者提供健康、美味、可信赖的酸奶产品

    To serve our customers healthy, delicious, and trustworthy yogurt products

2. 尊重传统风味,勇于开拓创新

    Respect traditional flavors, yet dare to innovate

3. 成为海外华人生活和中餐文化不可或缺的一部分

    Incorporate Beijing Yogurt into the lifestyle and dining cultures of Overseas Chinese everywhere

Mission Statement


2007 – Opened first frozen yogurt shop in Alhambra, CA

2008 – Established membership system

2010 – Began mass production in Whittier, CA

2010 – 3 new stores in Southern California

2010 – First Available in Supermarkets

2011 – 5 new stores in Bay Area

2011 – Entered New York - East Coast Market

2012 – Expanded production line

2013 – Launched in Safeway, Vons, 99 Ranch

2014 – Available in 18 states

2015 – Introduced Matcha Flavor

2016 – Expanded operation and relocated to Pomona

2017 – Launched in Ralphs

2018 – Introduced Glass Jar Yogurt

2019 – Introduced Goji Berry Flavor

2020 – New Package and beyond

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